CUI Encoders

For anyone using the CUI encoders, can you tell me how you mounted them? (Preferably with pictures.) Due to the fragility of the US Digital encoders (and partly cost) I’m looking for alternatives.

We used hot glue to mount the back plate to a gearbox, and relied on the clips of the front housing to hold to the back plate. Both connections failed during the 2015 season. Also the cable connection popped out a few times -good fun. I’d also love to hear from teams that were more successful with these.

For the last two seasons we mounted them with the 3M double stick tape. Never had a problem with them mounted that way.

We have used the AMT102 and 103 encoders for 3 years now. For 2016 we mounted on on a vex prow gear box using 4-40 screw. Drilling and tapping the piece of plastic is tedious. They have worked well. Only problem is removing them for service. We broke 2 bases removing them this year. We stock spare bases. Set for highest resolution.