Did your team have a curfew at the Championship? Who set it? Was it enforced?

I need lots of sleep, so the curfew wasn’t a problem for me to follow.

Yeah, we had a curfew of 12:00AM, except the night before the team party, then it was ~10:30PM. The adults would often let us stay out of our room a little later than said time, but they wanted us in the immeadiate room area.

The teacher that was responsible for us insisted on TAPING the doors every night! Has any other team had this done? I thought it was crazy, so I opted to sleep in a room with adults (that wasn’t taped).

Should I ever go to the Championship again I will either 1) Be an “adult” (>= 18) or 2) Go with a small team.

No curfew. The only rules are:

  1. Be at the meeting area to go to the competition on time (or else stay at the hotel all day…).
  2. Be able to perform.

Our mentors seem to see us as responsible students. Of course, we haven’t let them down either.

11:00 or 11:30 depending on what was going on that night…they didnt like us just “hanging” around the hotel though…

ours was eleven I think :confused: i am not sure since every night someone was somewhere past midnight usually and as long as there was a chaperone with us it didn’t really matter. Usually we went to the pools at our hotel after we got back from the parks or whatever we were doing that particular day so we really could stay out until the chaperone said time to go back

Our team is run more like a family…curfew was set each night by our head chaperones based on what time we got back to the hotel after comp., and what time we had to leave in the morning. Staying off site and not having disney passes, there really wasn’t much to do after the pool closed. But just in case, i think we had a chaperone bang on our door at least once a night to make sure we were all where we were supposed to be.

Ours was varied…

Wednesday night it was 10PM

Thursday was 11PM

Friday was 11PM

Saturday was 12PM

Sunday was 11PM

my team did not really have a curfew though we did have a 11:00 meeting every night we could do whatever after it was done it was suggested that we be in bed by 12:00 though our sister team actually had a 10:45 meeting and had to be in their rooms by 12:00 for curfew

Its funny, our curfew was usually around 11 but our teacher usually got in about 1…

We broke it a bunch a times but never left the resort after around ten.

We’ve never had a curfew before and it sux.

Oh yeah, to teh team with the tape… where did u stay last year cuz one night me and a crew from my team and another went out and cut a tapes on first teams around our hotel.

We had the best curfew. It was when the pool closed, but the pool never closed! You could stay out as late as you wanted. I never got checked but my shaparone.

we were in our rooms and ‘taped’ in by 11 each night…it wasnt that bad, we usually stayed up to around 2 though, had to watch sports center, one night we ran over to 7-11 and got those caffeine drinks, i dont really remember sleeping that night, lol

this year at nats our curfew was 10:30 FL time and 9:30 IN time. boy did that suck

11pm Meeting, 12 “curfew”
Curfew=Every Team Member be in Someone’s room (on the team):smiley:

*Originally posted by sidewinder *
Oh yeah, to teh team with the tape… where did u stay last year cuz one night me and a crew from my team and another went out and cut a tapes on first teams around our hotel. **

heh, I didn’t know that other teams had to suffer with the tape…

Anways, this was 668’s first year at Championship, so it wasn’t us you were playing with. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ours was 10:30 every night, IIRC… and they also had room checks to make sure we were all in there. I didn’t mind it though. I needed the sleep.

And we didn’t get tape on our doors, either. :stuck_out_tongue:

I remember seeing “tape” at the All-Star Music in 2001…

Me and a few of my friends just couldnt resist from taking it off the door…hehehee :smiley:

This whole tape thing is dumb, So i propose that all teams remove any tape that u see at nationals or regionals, in order to stop this tyranical system.


haha… sounds like a plan… we’ll all unite and align for next year…

I remember being taped into my room in 8th grade, when we went into our class trip to Washington, DC…but thats soooo random, taping in high schoolers?? Not fair…sorry you had to deal with that…