Curie 2010!

Woot! I get to start the party for Curie 2010. It’s definitely shaping up (since it’s technically not final yet) to be a pretty intense division. Who’s going to be joining NJ and VA winners Team 1676 there?

7 days until competition starts!

Here’s Ann Arbor Champs, 8th Alliance Captain at MSC, and Michigan’s only suspension checking in.

1114+469=doom. Simple.

2775 is happy to be playing with so many friends. Looks like it will be quite competitive and a blast!

if it’s final…

830 is scared (1114 and 469 together, but ready to do battle.

see you there!

Indeed. Thinking of ways to beat 469 is tough enough and then you add in the likely event that they are with 1114! I may have nightmares for the next week!

I can’t wait for Curie '10.

Well someone has to be the third team.
Instead of dreading the potential alliance think of ways to impress them so they want you to be part of it!

1114 or 469 would have to be the #1 seed for them to pair up.
If it doesnt happen, I’d pay money to see 1114 vs. 469 in eliminations.

Does having 111 in Curie mean we get Dan Green? I hope so.

Hah, this should be a good one. I’m excited!

Alright everyone, let’s show em’ how it’s done. I’d also like to impose a no-469-1114 rule, just to be fair.

This can be easily imposed. Just seed higher than both of them.

Fair argument, but easier said than done :wink:
We just had our first ever #1 seed this year, so who knows?

I seem to recall a certain 1732 seeding higher than 469 AND 1114 just 3 short years ago on this very field… Hey, they’re back again too! :wink:

Yes, they picked 67 and 48, then eliminated 1114 and 469 in a controversial fashion. But this is a different game…


Speaking of Curie History, I seem to remember a certain unknown New Jersey team in 2009 seeding in the 6th position and Pulling off one (Almost two) of the craziest upsets in a long time.

Will they do it again?

I hope so.

816 + 1732 = crazy upsetlicious

Buzz Robotics FRC 175 will be attending the Atlanta Championship in the Curie Division! :smiley:

Doubling it. Plus Quality Award at Ann Arbor. Lookin’ to rock n’ roll.

How about another unknown NJ team?


Unknown? You guys have a bigger target on your backs than some of the “Powerhouses” this year. :stuck_out_tongue: