Curie Division is Awesome

Welcome Curie teams! Looks like we’ve got some great stuff going on.

Team 461 looks forward to rockin’ again in this awesome field.

Go Go Curie!

I Smell a victory coming from this side of the arena :smiley:

222 can’t wait to play on Curie once again. See you all there!!

Ok, well maybe not Murderers… but at least highly skilled ninjas row.

With all of these awesome teams, how could our division lose.

Cyber Blue can’t wait till Curie rocks the arena.

I really think we’re looking at a great division. We’ve got last year’s Curie winners and finalists, and we have some of these amazing incoming people. :slight_smile: Curie’s a great division, it’ll be good times.

yes gogo curie we can do it guys.

Quite a diverse group of teams (trust me, I just looked over the records of ALL of them :yikes: ). Going to be an awesome division.

I agree!

703 Team Phoenix is ready to go. See you all there!

Matt B.

I’m very excited. Should be some excellent competition coming from our division!

oh yea…team 73 is ready for curie

Sorry guys, but I think Archimedes will cream you, and any other division :wink:

I am sensing some hostility here! lol :yikes:

lol, nope. I’m a completely non biased observer (I’m not competing) and I think Arch. just looks too strong for anyone else to take them down.

I can’t wait to represent Florida in this division along with Heatwave , Combat, and SPAM, see some great teams we have already competed against this year like 21 234 269 343 461 1646, and play with a bunch of other great teams like 60 66 118 175 229 and all the others. They may think that were the weakest division now, but they won’t be singing the same tune when it’s all over!

this is going to have a lot of great matches!! i can’t wait to see everyone in about a week or so…it’s great last championship for me for a while. cya all there! s.p.a.m. is ready to go again!!

If there is a team who will be updating information on the Curie division live on their website, send me a PM or email, I am currently getting all the teams who are doing live updates on each field and will put the on 384’s new Championship home page.

You gotta remember…as any Disney movie tells you…

the heavy favorite usually never wins :smiley:

Wow Cory… didn’t you know that its all about strategy? Yes there are some VERY good teams in Archimedes, but the announcer will be singing CU-RIE… at the end of the day saturday. I am so READY!!!

The best thing about the division is, a lot of my friends are in there, which makes it the BEST.

Good luck to all teams. Fear the Curie.


We just found our name on the Curie Division list. We can’t wait to meet all of you! The kids are ready to meet lots of new teams, our robot is ready to go and we just can’t wait to get to Georgia.

Lesson plan? What lesson plan…let the games begin!

Drive safe, we’ll see you all soon.

Mr. Yasick
Team 85