Curie Division! Israeli team need help with batteries

[LEFT]Greetings to all teams in the Curie division!

We are team 1577, Steampunk from Israel.
As an Israeli team, we are not permitted to bring batteries or chargers to our pit, neither are we allowed to bring our pit structure along with us.
We are given two batteries alone from FIRST, and as you may know, that is no way near sufficient.
We graciously ask for your aid, we would be extremely grateful if any team would be as kind as to lend us a few batteries.

Thank you for your help and good luck to all the Curie division teams out there!
[email protected]

Hello Everyone!!
My name is Dor and I’m the captain of team #4320 The Jokers from Israel.
As you may know all the teams from Israel are not allowed to bring their batteries to the states. FIRST supllys 2 batteries for each team from Israel which obviously isn’t enough. Therefore I wanted to ask if one of the teams from curie could loan us batteries and a battery charger for the competition.

Thank you in advance,
Dor #4320
Curie division

We have a couple of battery chargers that we no longer use (still work) and I believe (2) additional batteries that don’t seem to fit in our battery tray that we would be willing to provide.

PM me if you are interested, we can arrange to get them too your pit or have them picked up, on Thursday morning.


I would check those batteries. We had a battery that wouldn’t fit and we noticed that it was starting to swell. It was only noticeable when you held a square against it. It was rounded by about 1/16" all the way around. When checked with Battery Beak it tested as Fair.

Thanks. I’ll check them out. They seem to be the ones with the black tops, they just don’t fit in our competition robot.

We have been using them in our practice robot. Something about them is slightly different than the ones with the gray tops.

I think they tested good with the battery beak. I’ll make sure before we loan them out.


1306 has three or four extra battery chargers, But I don’t think we have any batteries to spare, I’ll ask around though.

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116 (Newton) helped out the international teams with their battery needs at the Washington DC regional, and may be able to help teams out again.

We noticed the same thing this year and have the same problem. The black top batteries simply do not fit in our battery holder, they are about 1/16" taller than the gray top batteries. We will likely have a couple of these batteries that we are more than willing to lend out if you stop by our pit Thursday.


If you are using the red battery clip from Andymark, the new black tops will not fit. You need to cut a vertical slot in the middle of clip, because an additional column was put in the battery top.

2168 is also in Curie. As I posted a while back, we have a charger that the Jokers may use. We have a 2nd charger too that you or 1577 may use, depending on how many are available. We might also be able to bring an extra battery. Come see us in the pit!

We went through all our batteries and chargers yesterday.

We have (3) batteries and (3) chargers for 4320 and (3) batteries and (3) chargers available for 1577.

Just stop by our pits.


My team will not be competing at Championship this year. That being said, I am still attending as a spectator. I can bring 4 batteries and 1 charger that you may borrow. How they are split amongst teams (if split at all) does not matter to me, although it is probably easiest to keep them together. Does anybody know the total number of batteries offered to each team? Who’s pit should I bring them to?

Each Israeli team gets only 2 batteries…

We are not competing at championships, but coming for the Dean’s List and to volunteer. We will not be at the dome until Thursday morning, but if you still need batteries &/or chargers, please let me know and we can bring some with us. :slight_smile:

STEMpunk 4531 can definitely offer six (6) batteries and possibly one (1) single charger to Israeli team(s) in need!

Please PM me your team name/number, what items your team would like to borrow, and what time/day you can pick them up from our pit in Newton.