Curie Full court shooters?

Hi CD!!
Our team’s specialized role is a full-court shooter counter defender. Out of sheer curiosity, I’ve been wondering what full-court shooters are in curie. So far the only ones i’ve seen are 1706 and 148. Anyone have any others?

team 67

Interesting. Aren’t they a bit short to be a dedicated FCS?

They are not dedicated. They are an all around player. They FCS, do pyramid runs, and climb/dump (similar to 1114). They are very accurate from every position they play, if left undefended they will dominate.

Here’s a scouting database for Curie. Has a column based on ability to FCS.

This is incredible!!!Thanks a bunch!

I can attest to 67’s FCS abilities,as well as the rest of their abilities. Being short isn’t all that bad, is it? :rolleyes: (my team’s robot is similar, though less successful.)

Runnymede Robotics can also shoot full court. We had a few issues in Waterloo, but both our accuracy and fire rate have improved since then.