Curie Semi 2-1 > 2-2

In the semi 2-1 of Curie the teams were 1983-3539-2996
In the semi 2-2 the teams were 1983-3539-1138
Does some one have an idea what happen to 2996
I am with a second year team FIRST 4-H team 4061 SciBorgs
We hope to attend Worlds in 2014
I thought that this years worlds was very exciting and the winner of all 5 divisions were great teams.

Hats off to FIRST and all the Great people involved.

Dave Tharp

The real answer to this thread can probably be found in the Curie Division 2013 thread. But I would assume that they called in a backup robot. This means that one of the original alliance members could not continue on (for whatever reason).

2996 had problems in S2-1 and could barely move. 1138 was called in to replace them as the highest ranked team not selected.

I understand about the back up Bot, but I was wondering what happen to 2996 to miss semi 2-2 and 2-3.
Where do I find the Curie Division 2013 thread ?

It should be this link:

Two of our jaguar’s went out and it wasn’t possible for us to replace them in the time allowed. Oh well, life happens. We still had a great time.

I noticed that you mentioned 2-3 - if you don’t already know, once a backup bot has been called, the original alliance member cannot come back.