Curiosity... Apple iPod app for FRC?

Hey guys :smiley: okay so just a quick question, we are supposed to use the Attack 3 devices for the robot to function, although I have tried the PS3 Joystick and it works perfectly! We probably wont be using the PS3 Controller although is there a way to control the robot with an iPod? 0.o Obviously there must be :confused: But does anyone know any app in particular? Thanks for the help :slight_smile:

If you used an app, the iPod would have to be wired to the computer and likely in airplane mode, and even then I’m not sure you’d be allowed to use it. I know AndyMark sells an alternate control system compatible with most smartphones (, you also have to use the FRC legal control system. There is likely a way to do it legally, I think I remember seeing a video of an FRC team controlling there robot with an iPhone and FRC legal control system.

First, no, we’re not required to use the Attack 3 joysticks to drive the robot - think of them as a “starter kit” for rookie teams to begin driving. Many teams use other controllers, like Logitech gamepads or F310s (?), even Xbox controllers (see Killer Bees, FRC33).

As to the second, I don’t know of any specific Apple app designed for driving FRC robots in a competition environment. Teams have, however, developed their own apps for related purposes. Devil Dogs (FRC441) used an iPad for their targeting control in 2012. I believe MorTorq (FRC1515) also used something similar that year.

Oh Thanks for the help guys :slight_smile:

It would definitely be possible to integrate an iPod, iPad or iPhone into your control system, although you would need to write your own app and I’m not sure if it is legal (if something exists I am not aware of it) I would pose the question on Q&A on the legality of the matter since CD is not official. It would be very cool to see it in place though!

Oh haha It’s okay I wasn’t really asking for the legality, I was just curious :stuck_out_tongue: