I’ve noticed sometimes CD marks a thread with the arrow that denotes it has new posts that I haven’t read when the new post is the one I posted. Is there any particular reason this happens? Also, why would this happen sometimes and not others?

Just Curious,

Actually, the arrow means that you have posted in the thread.

The bottom of this page has a lgend:

I think he means the blue arrows that appear next to a thread title that allow one to go to the first unread post.

The blue button is there to allow you to go to the first unread post. It’s just a nice feature to have, IMO.

  • Sunny G.

That is the arrow I’m referring to and I too am a fan. I’m just curious why sometimes it recognizes that I’ve read my own post and sometimes it doesn’t.


I find that when that happens, there’s a new post above mine. Sometimes I’ll have caught it doing a preview; sometimes I won’t have.