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On my old phone (RIP Christmas day :frowning: ) I had an app that played well with Chief Delphi. When I search on Google play I get nothing and Tapatalk won’t admit that CD exists at all. Anyone know where you can get the CD app for Android?
The last mentions I see in the archives are back in 2011, which was before I even joined CD!

The mobile web version of Chief Delphi has been pretty good in my experience, that’s what I use on my iphone. Can’t say it will be the same for android but i imagine that it would be.

Chief Delphi was hosted in Vbulletin until it migrated to Discourse recently. The Taptalk app was a feature of the Vbulletin site. I don’t believe you can download an app for the Discourse version, but some mobile browsers/operating systems will support you making the webpage an app shortcut.

Discourse does work as a PWA on Chrome for Windows, so I’d guess an icon on mobile would work nicely.

As an aside, posts like this are best for the CD Forum Support - Chief Delphi category so that people like @Brandon_Martus are more likely to see it.

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I’ve been using the Discourse app on iOS for a few years, guessing it’s probably the same for android

There is a Discourse app for mobile, but pretty much all it does is wrap the web versions and enable notifications. I just have CD added as a PWA on my phone

:point_up: what @tweirtx said.

Discourse app or just use the web/mobile site in a browser are your two options.


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