Current Draw for Fisher Price Motors?

Does anyone happen to know what the current draw on this year’s version of the fisher price motor is(Part number 00968-9012)? I checked the rules, firstwiki, related forums, and tried to find it online, but i either get no or conflicting information. Basically i need to know if i need to use the 40 amp(gold) fuse block or if i can get away with running it through the 20 amp(big) fuse block. Also related does anyone know if there are rules against using last years victor 884’s with the blue lettering. Thanks for any help you can give.

did you read the Guidelines, Tips and Good Practices manual that is found here?

it has stall torque/current specs for all the motors, and a chart that gives a basic explanation of how to figure out what the numbers mean.

Unless you are really lightly loading the motor and there is basically no way to load it up, I strongly strongly recommend using the 40A breakers.

Calling them as I see them.

Joe J.