Current draw on REV Gearboxes

Could someone help me with current draw calculations on the REV 2 Motor Drivetrain Gearbox - Through Bore?

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I can help. You have my email

Can you give specifics on what you’re trying to calculate and how it’s being used?

The current draw will depend on the motor being used, the selected gear ratio, and most importantly the speed the motors are spinning (the speed of the robot).

In general, the current draw isn’t strongly dependent on the gearbox itself as much as the factors I mentioned (i.e. any two gearboxes with the same gear ratio will have very similar current draw).

I wish I knew. I have another mentor on my team telling me the current draw is too high on this set up.

Assuming you are using the wheel size selected, there shouldn’t be any current draw issues. The gearboxes were specifically designed for said wheel size and motors and I’m confident REV did their work to make sure it’d be functional.

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