Current List of IRI Teams

Here is the list of the teams Currently signed up for the IRI:

234 Cyber Blue
393 Full Metal Jackets
45 TechnoKats
217 Thunder Chickens
469 Las Guerrillas
93 N.E.W. Apple Corps
292 Panther Tech
201 FEDS
71 Team Hammond
288 Robo-Dawgs
269 Cooney-Quest
65 The Huskie Brigade
240 Mach Vee
27 Team Rush
308 Walled Lake Monsters
68 Truck Town Thunder
330 Beach Bots
868 TechHOUNDS
829 Golden Fury
461 Boiler Invasion

Thats what you call an all star list!!!

I still think we need more teams!!

This is an awesome event that probably rivaled some regionals last year…and adding an extra day this year should make it sweet!..

So i would suggest signing up for Indiana robot summer time fun!!

(heck you’ll even get to play with a California robot!)

Theres only one word to sum up that list…SWEEET!!! :smiley:

I don’t see a 111 on there…are they “thinking” still?


*Originally posted by D.J. Fluck *
**I don’t see a 111 on there…are they “thinking” still? **

We have progressed past the “thinking” state to the “waiting” state. We still need permission from the school and a teacher to be a chaperone.


*Originally posted by Clark Gilbert *
(heck you’ll even get to play with a California robot!)
:smiley: **

/me cowers in fear of all you “eastern” teams

We still have openings for the IRI!! We have 8 free right now, but a couple more may open up later. The list above is the most current list. If you look at the list of the teams, there are some VERY impressive teams coming. This list even rivals some of the regionals for this season. This is going to be an exciting event. For registration, go to and click on IRI Registration.

Just a question to all IRI teams,

Where are you planning on staying?

It looks like we are gonna hit a Super 8 for the Friday nite, just wondering…:smiley:

Here are the packages at hotels in the area. I’m posting on it here but i’ll be emailing it to all teams tomorrow

first.doc (25 KB)

first.doc (25 KB)

The newest registration for the IRI is the one, the only CHIEF DELPHI!!!:smiley: You heard that right, Chief Delphi has registered. For all you teams that have been holding out, nows your chance to sign up and compete against the best teams from all across the country, not just the mid-west.

for registration, go to

Team 469 has a student who is attending Purdue this summer and in the fall. He wants to join our team at IRI but could really use a ride home fromt eh competition and possibly to the competition as well.

Is there anyone from that area who would be willing to drive him?
You can respond to me directly at [email protected].

Our team would be eternally grateful!

Thanks. Gail

Maybe if David Kelly reads this he can email the question to the person from 461 (Purdue team), and the former 469 student can tag along with them…

our team has talked about it a little. WE have students willing to go, but we need transportation and a chaparone. Don’t count us in just yet though

just to keep everyone up to date, Wildstang team # 111 has registered for the IRI :cool:

Hey I was leaked a rumor that Dr Joe was going to be the guest MC at IRI?!! Is this true?!

i’ve heard that too! :smiley: anyone want to confirm? Dr. Joe?

or maybe you’ll have to just wait and see.

I think i also heard the same today from a very reliable source (although he could have been lying to me)…

I thought it was sweet just having 47 come (long live the ball bots!), but now if Joe Johnson is the MC it will be really awesome…

How reliable does that make your source, then? :wink:

Anyways, Dr. Joe as a guest M.C. would be really cool (hint hint :D).

It’s true, 111 will be there. Andy, you’d better get another pig from the farm, we like our BBQ pork and lots of it.

The list of teams keeps getting better and better, now all we need is team 60 :slight_smile: It’s gonna be a blast.