Current State of robot


How far along is everyone because i fell like my team is behind. We can drive and we have our elevator setup but no motors ready to test it. We have the intake mechanism built and tested but the part that attaches it to the elevator and moves it the finial little bit is non existent right now.


Mechanically/electrically we’ve been together since the end of week 4. We’re finalizing our climber components but we could play the game as is. Software needs a bit more tuning to make it more efficient.


Practice robot was completed on Saturday. Competition robot will hopefully be done before this weekend!


We have the frames for everything built and in place, but we still need to finish mounting the electronics and pneumatics. In terms of building it’s done, but we have a lot of work to do with wires and stuff


We finished our robot on kickoff


We have are robot almost done just some cleaning up on the electrical and closing it in with poly carbonate so we have a place to display are sponsors


Both chassis complete. Both elevators assembled.
Successful practice electronics board power on test.
Comp board in development.
75% intake metal cut/drilled. Assembly begins tonight.
Bumper hardware complete. Fabric in development.

We should have a near complete practice robot on Friday, and a near complete comp bot over the weekend. Considering the MI weather this build season, that’s a win in my eyes.


Practice robot in the programmers hands. Hope to have comp bot mechanically complete today. Manipulator on third iteration will keep working on it until champs. Hab mech on redesign.


we’ve lost over a week due to the weather. :frowning: That aside the practice bot is almost done, lasered parts should come in from a sponsor this week and should be assembled relatively quickly.


At the moment the mechanical sub team have finished building the frame, as well as all of our end effectors. We are now finishing up plumbing the robot, and finishing our program. The next week will be fine tuning, and driver practice, as well as any problems that come up.


Our robot is currently in the state of New Hampshire. It’ll be in the state of Georgia in a few weeks :grinning:


The chassis is done, we are having trouble with talons. No programming completed yet, and final touches in the works for manipulators. need to put pulleys and cables in place for lift, and a back burner hab 3 platform climber to be cheesecaked on at competition is in the works, as well as a few cameras and a navX sensor. Those were staying out of the bag anyway to perfected on a practice bot after bag and tag, and installed later, as there is an allowance for cots parts. I´m new to programming but i have complete confidence in my ability to implement the vision systems on the robot at competition, as i will be practicing the procedure in my off time. Our primary manipulator is finished, except for mounting, which will be done today. the secondary is mounted to the back, which will be done soon. the programmers and builders are working simultaneously. We have had a lot of people lose interest, a lot of our character graduated last year. If my vision system works, then maybe it will make up for lack of drive practice.


Chassis and drive base done
Electrical 85% - just sensors and some wire routing to do
Level 3 climber assembled and on the robot, but needs some adjusting and testing
Cargo mechanism is assembled, but not installed on the robot yet
Code is 50% but can probably be finished in an hour or two (and can be done after bag day)

I feel like we’re behind, too.


Our practice robot (just a drivetrain and nothing else) was finished last week. We’ve been using it to test our vision processing / auto alignment routine, and we were able to get it working a couple of hours ago.

Our double reverse four bar lift is “done” and tested, but we’re currently changing some dimensions to fit within the frame perimeter. We did test it a couple of days ago, though, and it worked very well.

The head unit (the stuff on the end) of the DR4B is in the design phase. We’ve known what to put there for a while, but we haven’t had time to design it until very recently. It should be done in time for our local scrimmage on Saturday.


We have our hatch mechanism and climber built and being wired as I write. Our ball mechanism (tested and ready to be built) is questionable due to time constraints. I personally believe we will have the ball mechanism mounted, wired, and tested by Sunday in time for the ICC scrimmage.


Competition robot is at 95%. Just waiting on a part for the step climber. Of course there will be many mods to our manipulators but they are functional. Programming is minimal thus far, we’ve lost a lot of time to weather and will lose half the team, including all the programmers, to a band trip starting tomorrow. Practice robot is drive train and superstructure but since we will be withholding the manipulators I suppose that counts as being about 75%. We always push hard to have a “runner” a week before bag and tag. It has been harder than ever this year.


Our robot is still a small municipality. Hoping to build it into a state by the end of the week.


2 weeks behind schedule. That’s all I need to say.


CAD for the subsystems we’re bagging was delivered yesterday. Drivetrains are done and wired, elevator is almost completely assembled, and manipulator fab is underway.


a big pile of machined parts, hoping to be assembled soon.