Current State of robot


Very close. Some kids put in overtime Saturday to get it mostly-wired, should be done tonight. Main lingering issue is programming; it’s our first year using Talon SRXs (and heck, encoders) so there are some hardware and software teething problems. But I’ve haven’t had such good feelings at the end of Week 5 in years.


I’ve learned my lesson the hard way by trying to change code at the competition. Don’t get too confident…


Both drivetrains and superstructures fully assembled. Competition bot 90% wired, still needs sensors wired. Practice bot electrical board connected but not yet wired to motors. Pneumatic system still needs to be attached/plumbed on both robots. Manipulator fabrication/assembly ongoing. Programming still needs plenty of integration and testing time. We’re definitely going to be using all of our allowed time in the final week, but the snowy forecast looms large ahead.


Practice both will hopefully be done by tonight. Many competition parts have been machined. Due to the snow it is unlikely we will have a session tomorrow so we want the robot wired by Friday so the programmers can work on it.


Competition robot fully functional and drivers already practicing. Bumpers construction in process, re-wiring (nice and clean) needs to be done to have the bot ready to Bag and Tag day.




Almost finished with the manual, then it will be on to prototyping!
We’re thinking if we can score early on the scale and rely on our teammates for the switch we’ll be pretty solid this year.


Its fully functional now. the addition are vision and position tracking upgrades. For now we can just slap a camera on there and call it a build season.


All that is left for build is swapping out a pneumatic cylinder for one with a longer stroke and putting a rubber “fist” on the end of it, adding a single bracket and a camera, and all that is left for programming is tuning the PID on the elevator.
Everything functions to some degree, but the above things will improve robot performance.


Our robot currently is still in the mech department. Our drivetrain and hatch mechanism has been fully tested on the field. We were testing our cargo intake this past weekend but we smoked a motor. Once mech replaced the motor, we decided that it would be more beneficial for mech to work on the elevator. Now, the cabling is done but the winch is still in the works. For wiring, the electrical board is done and they have done as much prep work as possible without the robot. For programming, the code for basic robot functionality is done and still needs to be tested. Code for vision and auto are going to be done in the next few days. Hopefully, mech can pass the robot along by tomorrow so we can get some testing done by week 0.


Monday night, we’re looking at the robot thinking, “are we going to finish?” Last night, all the different parts came together and we started thinking “what are we going to do the rest of the week?”

Still a few small items left - 2 gas springs need to be mounted, a chain needs to be put on (sprockets are in the mail, the shafts are mounted and ready for them), the wheels need to be put on (WCD, wheels are finally in the mail), front/back bumpers need to be mounted (two holes drilled for each), the electrical board needs to be mounted (it’s finished, just not on the robot), and wiring/plumbing completed. All in all, I’m confident the competition robot will be mechanically/electrically complete for week-0. And I’m hoping we work out the programming issues so the practice robot is functional, letting us drive with one robot and develop with another at both of the week-0 events we’re attending!


We should be getting our parts back today - A strategy change week 2 put us behind the 8 ball but we should be ready to rip for week zero