Current Team Listing - IN HAND PAID!

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Coach on team #47, Chief Delphi, from Pontiac Central H.S. and Delphi Automotives Systems.

Posted on 10/7/2000 6:28 PM MST

As promised here are the teams registered to date. When I say registered I mean that I have their check as well as the completed application.

There are several teams that have said the checks in the mail and I should get them by Monday or Tuesday.

If you do not see your team listed and you have sent in an entry please e-mail me. [email protected]

  1. GHS from accross the USA - CT.
  2. Detroit Urban Lutheran - MI
  3. International Academy - MI
  4. Hammond Public Schools (Beatty) - IA
  5. GASC Technology Center - MI
  6. Libertyville & Vernon Hills - IL
  7. Perry Meridian HS - IN
  8. Dearborn HS - MI
  9. Goodrich HS - MI
  10. Jefferson HS - MI
  11. Rolling Meadows (Wildstang)- IL
  12. Flint Southwestern HS - MI
  13. Flint Northwestern HS - MI
  14. Team Macomb - MI
  15. Breithaupt & Renaissance - MI
  16. Sommerset County Vocational - NJ
  17. Oakland Technical Center NE - MI

This leaves only 7 openings.
You will have to hurry!