currently active members

this is pretty much just idle curiosity but i was just noticing that on the front page of these forums where its says ‘currently active’ or some such thing it said that 13 (9members and 4 guests) people were on but only listed 6 names…is there a limit to the number of names that can be listed? or are people using the ‘invisible’ option (which happens to be something ive been wondering about for a while now…)

mike who just realized that this is probably in the wrong forum, but then realized that this is as good a forum as any since it isnt really a problem, or a comment/suggestion


they are probably invisible…
only admins and moderators (?) can see them.

I think we should be able to view the IP addresses of the people who are guests on the boards and be able to look them up and badger them into joining the forums. OK. Maybe not. Little invasion of privacy there. Oh well. Just another crazy Fish idea.
~Angela who has time on her hands to think of crazy stuff like this

Angela is like FIRST’s very own recruitor. Who needs public relations? Just send Angela out on the street for a few hours…I’m sure we’d get results. :slight_smile: