Curtin FRC - The start and the end (multiple teams)

This is a very important year for us. Curtin FRC (5333 + 5663) has decided that we’re going to merge back into our old team number of 4788, for many reasons.

This is also the start of a new log / blog that I’m going to be doing to follow our offseason and build season. This first post is about our merger, the reasons behind it, and a brief look at our out-of-the-ordinary history.


Thank you for the insight. The reasoning for merging is clearly outlined, but how come Curtin FRC chose to split into multiple teams?


The splitting was done before my time, but from what previous mentors and students have told me, it was mostly for the ability to be able to compete with more robots, and have a larger WA representation at events (we were the only FRC group in WA up until early 2017). We were also in our infancy at the time, so I think it was also a way for us to speed up the rate at which the teams gained knowledge and insight, since everyone, mentors included, had never done a program like this before.


This is a really cool story , good luck next year!

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