Curve ball 3-pointers?

Just curious… Is anyone trying to perfect a laterally arc’d trajectory via side spin and magnus force in order to hit (or at least increase chances of) 3-point inner high goal shots from protected zones on the side of the field? That would be amazing to see. Or maybe it has been attempted but didn’t pan out?

My team, while testing a side-by-side wheeled shooter varied the power to one side. It did result in some curving. But we figured that the amount of time needed to perfect a curve ball would be better spent just making a straight shot go as far as possible.

Maybe after our first competition, if we’re feeling sassy, we’ll go for some special shots.


We played with curved shots on our prototype a bit, but the degree of curving was relatively minor despite large amounts of spin.

You might be able to poke around some posts from 2006. IIRC, 1114/the triplets attempted something like that.

We played with it a bit but decided it wasn’t enough to use the two-wheel design over the more consistent hood.


I’m just glad there were enough wild two-wheel curve ball videos , to evidently convince my team to choose other… two wheel can be good its was great at low goals in Stronghold

you can see a little spin on one of the shots. The wheels ran at different speeds, but we didn’t get a sense that we would be able to induce a controlled curveball.


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