Custom camera server.

I am hoping to have a coprocessor that uses a webcam for the vision processing. The vision processing I have done. What I need to do now is stream the image to more custom software for the drivers to see. I have figured out basic use of sockets, and I found third party software to handle the server side streaming. How do I get the stream on the client side, knowing the exact port I am going to be using and assuming that the stream is an mjpeg. Does anyone have experience with network code and mjpegs? I could use some general pointers even if you can’t explain everything.

If you are using the axis camera, you an stream directly be typing the IP of the camera into your browser address bar. If you are using a USB camera, you may like the software, YawCam.
Hopefully this answered your question.

Like I said, I already have the server side streaming handled both in windows (with yawcam, what a coincidence) and in linux with a variety of softwares that surprisingly all work. The problem now lies in getting the stream on the laptop in code (preferably c# or c++). I was wondering if anyone could point me to a method of doing this. again, I know what port the stream is on, I need to actually get the mjpeg.