Custom Circuits

My team this year is interested in building simple debounce circuits for some switches. I know this can be done in software, etc. but we would like to have the students learn to apply some things that they are being taught in the class room with regards to electronics.

This is our first undertaking of this sort of thing and we are a little confused about what we can and cannot do relative to custom circuits. My read is that we can incorporate (built by the team or purchased) except if it involves the motors. So a simple debounce circuit between a switch and the RoboRIO is legal.

Is this correct?

Short answer is yes, sounds legal.

See: R62, R51, R36

If it doesn’t make voltages above 24VDC, doesn’t control an actuator (per r33 - motors /solenoids), then its a custom circuit and you can do what you like. Still need to comply with wiring rules.

Thank you. That is the way that I read the rules.

The circuit will need to be inspected at the event primarily for electrical wiring and safety. I suggest you have your students look up debounce using COTS one shot multi-vibrators. CMOS devices work well and are easy to assemble using proto boards.