Custom Controllers

Does anyone know if someone makes custom controllers that hook up via USB (as opposed to using the Cypress and the Breadboard) If someone could make one can you give an estimate on cost and time to deliver (and reliability). We need 8 push buttons (auto release) and 3 flip switches (or three buttons that stick when pushed then release when pushed again).

Or if all else fails how do I wire the cypress.

We could use one of the attack 3’s that’s what we have the program running off of.

Why not use the cypress, seeing as thats exactly what its designed for and the reason it was included in the kit?

Also, if you wanted to, you could use a device such as a PIC18F4550 to build your own USB controller based around the Joystick HID class. I’m not sure if this is allowed by the rules or not though. The PIC18F4550 is available from a number of sources for ~$5 per part. This is advanced microcontroller stuff though, and a bit beyond the scope of FRC.

Or you could disassemble a usb joystick or usb gamepad and wire in arcade buttons.

We have purchased arcade buttons from Happ Controls: