Custom Dashboard Licensing Issue

I am trying to design my own dashboard using the FRC Dashboard Project in LabView. I finished it and I don’t know if its right or not. So i made it a standalone application (using labview) and its all good until i get this error saying “This VI is not executable. The Full Version of LabView Is required to fix these errors.”

Is there no way to fix this with the LabView Version that we are given? Is there someone I can give the files and they can make the application and send it to me? Is there another way to change the dashboard on the classmate?

Any help is very appreciated.

Don’t use the “standalone app” tool. In order to make the dashboard .EXE file, just choose “Build” from the build specification. You might first want to change the specification’s properties to select an appropriate destination for the resulting file.

I built from the right click menu under build specifications and when i go to run it the same thing happens.

The same thing meaning “This VI is not executable,” right?

Can you “run” the vi using the arrow at the top of the front panel (or the block diagram)? If that arrow shows as broken, the vi is not executable because of some error. Click it and you’ll be able to see a list of errors. Select an error in the list and you’ll be taken to the spot in the vi block diagram where that error is.

Before i create the .exe it has a solid arrow but after it is broken

So when you click on the broken arrow, what errors does it tell you need to be fixed?

There is an issue with certain IMAQ functions in the dashboard. See If you are having problems with other functions, maybe you can let NI know in that thread.

This is a bug on our (National Instruments) side. For now the work around is to not use VIs from licensed libraries (like IMAQ vision analysis type VIs). I have a fix for this that we’ll be including it in an update in the near future. Sorry for the inconvenience - you can blame me for this one.

We’re making plenty of mistakes of our own…

Thanks for what you NI guys are doing for us.:slight_smile:

[SCRATCH THIS WHOLE TOPIC]Yeah without you guys we wouldn’t even have LabView to even get that error.

So I’ll just grit my teeth and deal with it until it is fixed. Anyways thanks for your help.[SCRATCH THIS TOPIC]

When I made the exe for my dashboard I must have changed some setting that I shouldn’t have. Long story short I made a new project and then built directly and everything works.