Custom Dashboard - Visual Basic

Hey everyone.

I’ve been struggling with Visual basic custom dashboardin’ for a while.

I’ve made some progress with it in the last week, as I found the 2004 manual to actually prase the incoming packet and output it properly into variables which are then moved into labels.

It works.

The only trouble I’m really having, is theres no real joystick values in the packet. I see random values change when the joystick changes, however I most of them are really messed up.

Could by chance someone make sense of joystick phrasing, or post their own custom dashboard source if possible.

Thank you!

There are several VB dashboard programs posted in the whitepaper that you could use as examples.

Yay! A template.

It works really nicely, try it out. All the data frames are already set up for you.

I was more looking for an explaination on whyt it wasn’t prasing, but I suppose I can look through other peoples stuff too.