Custom Dashboard with Camera Image

Our team is programming in C++, but we would like to replace the default dashboard with one that has nothing but a camera image display filling the entire window. We’ve attempted to learn some minimal LabVIEW to do this, but we were unable to create a LabVIEW Dashboard project. If anyone has any pointers to current instructions on how to do this, please provide them. If this task is trivial for anyone who already knows LabVIEW, making the dashboard for us would be invaluable.


Your project for dashboard should be on the Getting Started window. If not, you need to install the FIRST update. There are tutorials on that discuss the custom dashboard, and I’m pretty sure FRCMastery has a video tutorial too.

You may want to look at the new tutorial which describes how to have a faster and bigger image sent back to the dashboard.

Greg McKaskle