Custom dashboard

We are currently creating custom dashboard for our team, but I was wondering if it is possible to actually enable/disable robot, like on first’s driver’s station, with 3rd party app?

No. Enable/Disable is controlled solely through the NI/FIRST Driver Station for safety.

Thank you very much for your response. Do you know if it is possible to at least switch between autonomous mode and drivers mode, using custom app?

I don’t know.

Because you already have to use the official Driver Station for enable/disable, I don’t see why activating Autonomous Mode would be a critical feature for a custom app.

In command-based Java, you could create a very similar robot behavior by directly scheduling your Autonomous Command using a dashboard button in your “custom app”. Likely similar solutions available in the other languages.

Good point, however we’re trying to make our drivers station as much pleasing to the eye as it is possible.

No, just like enable/disable, the DS is the only way to switch between auto and teleop modes. On the real field, these mode switches are controlled by the FMS via the DS.

Regarding pleasing to the eye, your FTAs and CSAs would very much appreciate you keeping your DS window visible and not putting other stuff in front of it, as it makes diagnosing problems on the field able to do at a glance. Note the DS window has a “fullscreen” mode that forces it to the bottom of the screen on top of the Windows menu bar so it takes up less screen area.


In short, don’t create your own DS: I understand you want it to look pretty but it’s more for the FTAs, FTAAs and CSAs than the teams themselves. Go wild with a custom dashboard: that’s all your playground.

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