Custom Driver station app for classmate

Has anyone developed a custom or modified driver station application to replace Driverstation.exe for running on the classmate PC? If so can you share documentation sources, sample code, or other helpful documentation?

It’s probably possible, but I doubt that anyone has put much effort to it. <R60> allows only the dashboard executable to be modified, not the driver station one.

Are you having some kind of problem with the stock driver station executable?

We just would like a custom display.

Then you are talking about the dashboard, not the driverstation. That’s an easy mistake to make since people use them nearly interchangeably. The portion that you set your team number on is the driver-station, and cannot be modified. The top portion is the dashboard, and you can customize that (and are encouraged to!)

If you are using labview I believe it comes with the dashboard (prior to being compiled) so that you can modify and play with that as you like.

We created a very nice (but still in testing) Dashboard client (in C#.Net, on the Classmate) and a Dashboard Server (In C++, on the robot)
one of the controls it has is a data graph, and all you have to do is:
(on Classmate)
Create new Project in Visual Studio
Reference the Dashboard DLL
Drag and Drop a DataGraph Control onto the form
Drag and Drop a DashboardDataHub onto the Form
go into the constructor of the form, or a button click, and type

(On C++ Robot)
Type in constructor
ZDashboard dash = ZDashboard();

Type in main loop

I don’t have the code with me now, but I can get it on tuesday if you are interested. Porting the robot code to Java would be very easy, so you can use Java too.