Custom Driver Station Controls

Trying to investigate putting together a custom driver station controls for our operator, something with arcade like buttons.

Few years back, we got a MSP430 TI board. Is this still the best way to get this going or is there some newer ways?

Picture of your driver station would be appreciated!

Any embedded controller that can present itself as an HID over USB to the host PC can work.

Your memory is correct, certain MSP430 development boards are still available as a pre-canned solution

I don’t have any good photos of it, but I made a joystick + 10 button one earlier this fall just for fun.

Also check here: Robot Controller Options and here: Button Board

A couple of solutions I have looked at in the past include:

arcade usb encoders that are readily available on amazon, often with sets of buttons and micro-switch joysticks. The main downside being I don’t think I’ve seen any with analog inputs, just digital.

ATmega32U4 based Arduinos such as the Arduino Leonardo and Arduino Pro Micro can emulate a USB HID device, so there are plenty of projects out there having it emulate a USB Joystick with programmable button and analog inputs. I actually used this method several years ago for testing Joystick input handling for both RobotOpen’s DriverStation and the Driverstation.js projects.