Custom field2d image

is there a way to upload a custom image to a field2d widget on the smartdashboard?

smartdashboard doesn’t have a field2d widget. You could write one and submit it as a pull request.

I assume you’re actually referring to ShuffleBoard and wanting the Charged Up field background image. Looking at Github, it doesn’t seem as if anyone has added the 2023 field yet, so you may have to wait a bit.

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The 2023 field has been merged and will be in the next release.


Where are the images stored when WPILIB is installed? Trying to find the 2023 Field, but not having any luck.

For Shuffleboard, the images are embedded. You might need to upgrade Shuffleboard (which you should do anyway for other bug fixes), you can check in the about dialog to see what the version is. Upgrading is done simply by running the latest WPILib installer (2023.4.2 as of this writing). You select the field image by going to the widget properties, there’s a drop-down list there.

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