Custom Gamepad Joystick Issues

Hi everyone,
As a post-season project, a couple of our team’s members started working on a custom driver station featuring arcade buttons, potentiometers, and analog joysticks. Using an Arduino Leonardo and this library, we got the Arduino to appear as a gamepad to our drive station laptop. FRC Driver Station recognizes it as well, but all of our analog inputs (axes) are not available. With a Sony gamepad that we’ve used in the past, each analog inout shows up as a slider, but those of our Arduino are all greyed out as if they are not available. What is confusing is that our buttons do work properly, but not our analogs. It is also important to note that the windows utility for calibrating joysticks will display our analog inputs and our buttons. So at this point we have determined that our Arduino is functioning properly as it sends our analog and digital inputs to our laptop, but FRC Driver station only recognizes the buttons. Does anybody have any ideas or has done something similar?

I’m not sure what your particular issue is but in the past we’ve used Unojoy for our custom operator interfaces. It didn’t seem to have any issue with the analog inputs.

It would help to see your Arduino Code.

Here is the code 3468 used for our custom gamepad for Infinite Recharge. Looks like we were using a different library though (link to which is in the comments at the top of the code).

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