Custom (less) 3D Printed Swerve

After a long hiatus, I decided to see if I could improve upon my mostly 3D printed swerve design from this thread:

One of the things I wanted to improve was the mounting scheme for the module. I decided to forgo the fully 3D printed casing, and replace it with a more standard plate and standoff construction. The internals and gearing of the module are still the same as the previous revision. This module is intended to be made with a CNC router/mill for the aluminum plates, and a Markforged printer to make the 3D printed parts.

Revised Module Specs:

  • Weight: 4.11 lbs with motors and hardware
  • Volume: 4.75" x 4.75" x 8.825"
  • Drive Speed: 14.89 fps free (3.5" wheel)
  • Module Rotation Speed: 300 RPM free
  • Print Time: ~24h per module (estimated via Eiger)
  • Print Cost: $35.85 (estimated via Eiger)
  • Module Cost: ~$185-$200 (This is my best estimate as of now)

This module still uses the internal ring gear design from my previous iteration:

The encoder mount is shown in detail below, but uses a re-reduction via some custom small pitch gears to allow the magnet to spin at the same RPM as the ring gear.

I did get a chance to assemble a full version of the previous, fully 3D printed version of this module and am pleased to report that it spins smoothly and that most of the tolerancing was done correctly on the first go around. I hope that as we regain access to the lab and our resources, I can build a version of this module as well.


Have you ever considered taking a crack at an FTC 3d printed swerve? We see a lot of swerve for FRC, but relatively few for FTC, even though nearly all parts could be 3d printed.


Haven’t really ever considered it. I think outside of the potentially interesting engineering and design challenge, swerve is relatively less valuable in FTC since motor count is so heavily constrained, and mecanum wheels work so well in the meta of most FTC games.

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I feel like the limitations on the number of motors you can connect to the FTC control system would be the primary reason why this would be impractical. You might be able to get away with something like a “crab drive” though.

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