custom operator console

my team was looking into making a custom operator console consisting of a laptop computer connected to a 21in. monitor so the screen is bigger and we would be powering this by some of our practice batteries using the andymark converter. Would this be legal as long as it all fits in our own little rectangle?

Like with anything else when thinking about the rules and whether something is legal or not check the Manual. I know it is emphasized plenty of times on here but all the answer can be found in the Manual.

For example In the Robot section there is a whole section labeled Operator Console and the rules and regulations associated with it. That would be section 4.3.12. I would check with your plans and see if anything conflicts with those rules

There is also information about the Play Stations in The Arena section 2.2.8

I would check with those parts and just double check through the rest of the manual to make sure. But if stuff doesn’t break the rules they have stated I is most likely legal and you should be fine.

Your next consideration I would suggest with a 21in monitor is, is it practical. Are you going to be able to see around it to see the field? Do you need it THAT big? How are you going to carry/bring it out there while you are in queue? Will it be quick to setup and then tear down as we all know they don’t like to waste time? Or anything else along those lines.

Hope this helps.

the plan is to have it so that everything is bolted down is such a way that it doesnt fall off. It will all just fit on our custom cart with our robot and everything on the console with be secure enough to the point that it wont fall off. The reason we want to use a 21in. monitor is because that way we can use an app. that allow us to send our camera image from our dashboard to the monitor so the monitor only displays the camera image.