Custom params in Phoenix don't work

Recently, we tried using the custom parameters in Phoenix tuner and encountered some issues. Sometimes, we can’t read them. they just return 0, which is their default value, and this is happening randomly.
I don’t know what could cause such a problem.

A couple of months ago, we had similar issues with setting motors to brake/coast. The set function simply didn’t work sometimes.

Has anyone experienced similar problems or encountered any issues like this?

Is this with Phoenix 6 firmware and API? If so, we’ve made some robustness improvements related to configs during the offseason that I expect resolve these issues. The improvements have been released as part of the 2024 beta firmware and API: Phoenix Changelog. We’ve also released several bug fixes to Tuner X recently, so make sure you update to the latest release.

It is with V5… We probably need to move to V6 about now, don’t we?
Thanks for your reply.