Custom PathWeaver game issue

We have created a custom barrel game map to use with the minibot challenge. We copied the barrel json file that comes with Pathweaver. Following the instruction in WPILib we created a Custom Game folder and put a copy of the .png and our .json file there. The new .json file was updated to the new map length of 90,45 inches. We left the pixels alone. We see the new game in the drop down. When we start a new path. The start of the path is in the top left corner, but the end of the path is off the screen someplace bottom right. Here is the .json file we are using and what Pathweaver shows.

any idea what we did wrong here?

“game”: “Mini Barrel Racing”,
“field-image”: “mini-barrel.png”,
“field-corners”: {
“top-left”: [20, 20],
“bottom-right”: [780,400]
“field-size”: [90, 45],
“field-unit”: “inches”

Good news you aren’t doing anything wrong! This is a bug in pathweaver that automatically creates new path waypoints at (0,0) and (10ft, 10ft) this is obviously off your map. I have already had a PR that fixes this merged, but it hasn’t made it into an official release.

To fix this you can go into the folder where you are storing the files and manually edit the path file to bring the end waypoint back onto the screen.

Thanks that worked.

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