Custom Plates

Who’s got custom license plate?

For you MI people, try here to check for availability.

here’s my plate: (that is, when I get a car.) I call ASTRO73!



This guy I know has one I really like


Pardon the “Q” someone else already took the “O”

Cool huh?

My dad has 4TRUE (I don’t know why or what it means) and 65 VUU (for the 1965 Volkswagen.

I got one of those fake ones made up at a car show I went to with my AIM s/n on it: PODQUARD

I want to put it on my truck, but I think that is too many letters to put on a real plate. I think CT only allows 6 or 7 letters or numbers. So maybe I’ll just try and get 79*TD from my 1979 Plymouth Trailduster.

Oh, and I saw that “FIRST” was already taken by a plate in CT. Darn it… lol

Maybe I’ll look to see if 237*BOT is available… lol

South Carolina is seven letters/numbers/spaces.

Believe me, I’ve had an itch to put “BILFRED” on the back of my Civic. But since my brother, who is decidedly un-Billfredy (for those who have met either of us), now drives the Civic, I’m stuck.

my van says “FUNN4US”

haha yours looks awesome, Astro! ^__^;
I might try for “DORKETE” or “D0RKETE”
My dad called me that sometimes…so it’s kinda meaningful. Hehe.

I happen to like my randomly generated license plate. It’s better because it won’t stick in the cops mind during that trial for vehicular manslau… err… :rolleyes:

I have ham radio plates with my callsign (they’re almost free, as ham radio is considered a community service)…They read “KD5PGX”


I don’t have one, but one or two stick out in my mind… one was:
(or something along those lines)

another one (seen on a really old beat up POS) was:
911T PLS

and then there were the political ones… one person I saw with their bumper covered in Democrat stickers:

and then there’s this girl at my school who drives a car with violently-republican stickers like “Friends don’t let friends vote Democrat” or “Vote Democrat: Its easier than working” …her plate is

For all you JVN fans out there, I was just thinking about this last night…

I don’t think that I’d get it. But as of the time I’m posting, it is still available! :smiley:

-Pat McCarthy



My dad has ‘CD 47’ on his mini-van.

I’m trying to get my parents to let me get this one (LIS-STER, minus the dash and my team number in place of the letters ‘STE’):



Sheesh. I’m shocked noone has posted the best NH FIRST-related plate yet :wink:

What immediately caught my eye, was this message was posted at 12:29.

On my next car I am considering…

NHLIBRL :wink:


No! Bad Justin! Your next one has to be HEXHAVC.

Here is the CT site, but their image can’t be copied off their site for some reason…but as of now BOT-571 is available for when I get my car :smiley:

I was so close to getting ‘ECTO 6’ for my car. 6 is my ‘lucky’ number that’s why 6.

My dad has the plates with a shot of El Capitan in Yosemite on it and it says “BAWSUM” (His favorite saying like 10 years ago was Be Awesome)

My mom has one with whales on it that says “RS2SAVE” (Like the whales are ours to save, get it? I think it’s dumb :rolleyes: )

Vee haff our vays! :smiley:

BOT-571 CT Plate.jpg

BOT-571 CT Plate.jpg