Custom pneumatic cylinders

I heard somewhere that teams cannot fabricate their own cylinders for use with the pneumatcs for their robot. Our team wanted to make a cylinder for special purposes using PVC pipe. I looked through the rule book and I was unable to locate any rule that limited pnuematics use to Bimba manufactured cylinders. So are we or are we not allowed to make our own cylinders or even attatch a custom made device to the air tanks that requires air pressure to function?

if you follow the ‘can I use it’ flowchart - when you get to pneumatics, the only thing you ARE allowed to use is standard cylinders from the approved supplier.

compressed air can be very dangerous. PVC pipes could go off like a pipe bomb if over pressurized, or if a fitting came off it would be like a bullet.

you are not allowed to make anything yourself that uses compressed air.

Alright, thanks. We we’re trying to devise something that would telescope using pressurized air, but we were not sure if that was legal. I realize the PVC pipes could potentially explode if put under too much pressure, but we were going to limit the input pressure to extremely low anyway.

I don’t know if this helps, but you can custom order 3 pnuematic parts from Bimba for free. We ordered ours on Friday and got them this Weds. (There should be an order form in the team manual)

Where did you see the order from for custom cylinders??? I only see ones for pre-built ones.

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That’s exactly what he’s referring to. In the 2004 Pneumatics Manual, they’re referred to as “custom cylinders,” even though they’re prebuilt by the manufacturer.

Ive had PVC explode in my face at 100psi, wouldn’t wish it upon anyone

I’d say that you should just use pneumatics as they are designed. cusom stuff will always be dangerous. I’d recomend that you find a mechanical solution to your problems, I’ll even offer my help if you’d like to find an alternate solution.