Custom Roles?


I find it kinda weird that you can’t type in a custom team role. I don’t usually stick to one field, and calling myself in “Leadership” isn’t exactly truthful (though I do manage a bunch of things.) Rather than leave my Team Role blank, i would like to be able to say like “Floats Between Things.” If people abuse it, you can remove it…

Keep up the great work-


as i’m team captain, lead mechanical person, driver, i help wire stuff occasionally, help do sponsor presentations, and much much more

Yup, or if it is abused, give us the option to put in multiple selections, so we could say, for example.

Team role: Mechanical/Electrical/Leadership

It does ask for “main role”. “Floater” might be a good one.

Or you can just put everything in the custom user title or signature.

I agree. But I don’t know how it would be on the techincal front.


Though I’ll be moving on this next year to be just an alumni and mentor the past year I was the mechanical captain, driver, and a number of other little jobs here and there. I think many people would appreciate it.

A custom team role would be great. I for one do not really have a main team role, nor do I really float. This year I did electrical, OI, mechanical, cleaning, scouting, team diplomacy, strategy, sorting of tools, labeling, welding and people organizing. Wow, I did not realize I did that much…:smiley: Anyway, being able to list multiple “main” team roles would be great as well.

If not customizable, I’ll need a new role next year - “Alumni Parent”

Remember that you already have the AKA field and the custom user title to type in whatever you want.

Yeah, what Joe said.

Custom titles like everybody else is asking for are perfect for AKA, ‘Custom Title’ and signatures.

yeh, this is a good idea, though i see why its limited because they dont want people “abusing” the role titles

A fix to this problem would be to allow people to select multiple team roles instead of just one.

Instead of a drop-down list, simply changing it to a series of checkboxes would expand the possibilities of the team role field.

That would make the most sense to do, and probably wouldn’t be that hard.