Custom scouting app made easy - Using AppSheet and Google Sheets

Do you want a custom-made scouting app to improve your team’s abilities? Are you seeking a way to infuse your team’s strategy with comprehensive data analysis techniques? You’ve come to the right place!

Pre-made scouting apps are a fantastic resource for the FIRST community, and publicly available data certainly has its place. That said, I’ve found that nothing can beat the opportunities for customizability when building a scouting app from the ground up.

I wrote a series of tutorial articles that explain how to use AppSheet (a no-code development environment for mobile apps) and Google Sheets to create an end-to-end scouting solution for FIRST. It includes explanations on:

  • Creating an app in AppSheet
    • Building functionality that allows the collection of data from human scouters.
    • Adding UI improvements to make our scouter’s lives easier.
    • Adding error-checking to make it less likely that our scouters will input incorrect information.
  • Advanced Google Sheets Usage
    • Utilizing three of Google Sheets’ most potent formulas: =ARRAYFORMULA, =VLOOKUP, and =QUERY.
    • Creating an automatic analysis framework for large amounts of data using those formulas.
    • Presenting our data to the user in a compact and visually striking way.

The tutorial assumes some basic familiarity with Google Sheets (or another similar spreadsheet application) but is otherwise entirely beginner-friendly. Starting from nothing, it explains every aspect of collecting, cleaning, analyzing, interpreting, and communicating data.

If this sounds like it would be helpful to you or your team, check out the following link: AppSheet & FRC: Episode 0 – The Quips


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