Custom Shuffleboard widgets teams are proud of

For the off-season, I’m trying to get our team interested in working with Shuffleboard a bit more. They made some good progress last year, but I’m hoping this year they can get out ahead of building some dashboard diagnostics to make it easy to see when the robot is operating outside its expected behavior.

To that end: have any teams published Shuffleboard widgets they’d like to show off? I’m looking into writing custom widgets but want to avoid re-inventing the wheel if teams have already made some cool ones.

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At Worlds we had a little widget that would display whether or not we had a ball in one spot, as well as its color.

Frankly kinda made it in a rush and couldn’t figure out how to set up the Gradle project, so I ended up forking Shuffleboard and modifying the example widget. Find it in example-plugins (BallStatus widget): GitHub - Team4028/shuffleboard-test

Example of it in action:

Sometime later I’ll see if I can figure out setting this up in a standalone project, and also fix the hierarchy to org.usfirst.frc.team4028 rather than the example stuff. Last time I tried that it broke.


After having some issues with important errors being lost in the DS log, we wrote a custom plugin to display persistent alerts. We use it for things like disconnected sensors, failure to generate trajectories, and invalid code configurations. It’s saved us in more than a few matches by now, since we can more reliably fix problems before they manifest on the field (or have the drivers work around them).


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