Custom swerve modules!

Here are my custom swerve modules that I had submitted to the F4-Cadathon [NOTE- these modules take heavy inspiration from the lower part of the swerve specialties modules]. I have gotten many comments and requests to make the files to this module public and while I am afraid the modules are now up for critique. I think many will enjoy using these modules in the future or just basking in their glory :joy: . If you have any questions please ask them as I will try and address them all (I will be on and off Chief Delphi)! A brief description would be it has a integrated pneumatics system and a 2 speed shifter along with the base of the Swerve Specialties Module, although mind that there were many tests done to the structural parts of the Swerve specialties modules and almost all major parts were mildly altered in some way for weight savings.

Here are some renders, I will provide the files at the bottom of the post, I will also provide renders of the robot these modules were on.

Here are the Module files in a variety of forms

The google drive link also has those crispy 4K renders in full quality :money_mouth_face: .


The first thing I saw when I opened up the thread was the pic and I thought “man, this looks awfully similar to 612’s F4 CADathon” and then I saw your name lol.

Shall you be releasing the render tutorial sometime soon? (If that’s classified information that shouldn’t be released yet, feel free to flag this :joy: ).


i gochu, coming soon


Video on how to do the renders when? CAD subteam has been waiting…


Those modules and renders look amazing!

What program did you use to render these?

Awesome swerve modules, and absolute fire renders!

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yeah they are especially since you made them :joy:

Thank you so much!

These renders were done in fusion360, I’m working in blender right now to add field elements as well and a more realistic render!

Thanks man, gj on the other robot components!