Custom Switchbox

Ok, so here’s what our team’s dealing with. We’ve made a custom switchbox and are hooking up one joystick to Port 2, another to Port 3, and the box to Port 4. According to the manual, Port 4 should be able to override Port one buttons/switches when you use the disable dipswitches on the OI (example: p1_sw_trig should automatically be rerouted to one of the buttons on the box). So we looked it up and disabled all of the buttons on Port 1, but we still can’t get Port 4 to control it (port 4 has 8 buttons on the switchbox). Does anyone know if there’s something that we’ve forgotten to do?

One of Team 375’s Programmers

Why cant you just connect the box to port 1?

They can’t just hook it to port 1 because if they are using 8 switches they need 8 digital inputs. Port has 8 “inputs” but 4 are analog and 4 are digital. Sorry but I really can’t give you answer since I can’t really see how your box is wired. My only suggestion is make sure that it you wired the switches to the correct pins.