Custom WCP Cam tensioner values

Hello :slight_smile:, in the last season we used WCP Cam to tension our drivetrain shafts, we make our own custom drivetrain each year and we use our own bearing blocks, it worked out really well but i was wandering what’s the right value to use as the distance from the CAM center to the bearing block wall, we kinda eyeballed it in the season.
Thanks and sorry i couldn’t find the answer in WCP’s / Vex’s site or CD

Thanks for taking your time to help me :smiley:


This drawing here is what you’re looking for I believe.

It lists the max and min “radius” of the cam as 0.62" - 0.27" from the center. This year we went somewhere close to the middle of that range for our spacing and were rather pleased with the results.

Sadly WCP / Vex doesn’t have a similar drawing for their side bearing block kit It seems like such an obvious spec to miss, so I sympathize with this post! Without that dimension, it’s easy to machine a drive rail incorrectly. Ask me how I know.

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They have This. It has the minimum spacing and the range. I don’t know how long it has been there, but I recall something similar when we first used them some years ago.

I’m not positive this is what you’re looking for, but here are the dimensions that we use for the WCP bearing block and cam cutouts. This is from our 2017 robot (work computer is stuck on SW 2017 so I can’t open the newer ones.)

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If you go to this page: and click on the drawing “CAM & VB” spacing you should get that #.


Not for the side bearing block. Only the Clamping bearing block, which has a different spacing.

The distance he wanted was from the center to the edge of the fillet. The breakout in the top right gives that.