Customize you iPod to Fit Your Team!

Hey guys, HP has posted a thing you can create your own customizeable iPod Tattoes for the 4g model. They are stickers that will come off, and you can upload whatever picture you want.

going off that, cause i didnt want to create a new thread, does any one have any comments about ipod accessories?

I just got a new 4G ipod, and im looking at the iSkin accessories, since i definitely need a case, but are there any other cool things im missing out on? i remember hearing about a company that could repaint your ipod; though i wouldnt necessairly want that =)

Paint your iPod here: Colorware

Some cool iPod accessories: Griffin Technology

I’d so use the 007 drill logo we have for the IPod. dies
Wish I had one!

iPod accessories:

I dunno if that iPod sticker is exactly as awesome as it seems. HP generally seems to over-hype everything.