Cut down on lag to rio with usb cam?

We were having a lot of lag on our video stream through the roborio, is there a way to cut down on this lag?

I imagine it’s either due to the amount of data you’re sending or a connection issue.

I’d cut down on the resolution of the video stream and test for connection issues.

On the off-chance it’s because of load on the roboRIO, maybe a coprocessor dedicated to video could be used?

We had this issue last year with using multiple cameras. If you are you using multiple cameras you could try switching in between the two with a button on your controller. If you are only using one camera try lowering you resolution or maybe you computer cannot handle the video stream.

What amount of lag are you looking at? We had <0.5 sec of lag last year. If you’re using usb I don’t think there’s that much you can do…

Last year, we had a linear relationship between camera bandwidth and latency, so turning down camera quality and framerates can help a lot. 10 FPS with lower latency is surprisingly usable compared to 30 FPS with higher latency. I’m not sure if you’ve done this / can do this, but if you are using a camera that supports H.264 encoding like the Logitech C920 series, you can do H.264 encoding on the camera itself, which takes a lot of the load and latency off the Roborio.

Use an ip camera to go directly to the driver station