Cut it any closer?

Hi everyone, your friendly neighborhood FIRST addict here. My team cut it close this year. Real close. We will still fixing our robot hours before ship, and finished putting our crate togethor about the same time the truck was ready to take up. How close did you guys come? Please explain and rate your situation on the following scale…

1-Easy peasy lemon squeezy, our robot was done with some practice time to spare.

2-We finished a few days before ship, no problemo

3-We cut it a little close, but we were done a day or two before ship day

4-We came pretty close. Your situation was pretty close to ours.

5-We had to stall the driver by dressing as clowns and distracting him with cheesy clown antics. Our robot is on the truck though!

i’d say a 4… we finished the crate and robot late last night…

4 . . school caught fire last night, had to finish the robot at someone’s home.
Couldn’t go back and get our crate, so built it today to get it out.

Robot wise, 1.
We kept it simple & had enough of the robot finished very early to have 2 weeks (or more!) drive time.
We’re ready for what the competition season can throw our way! :cool:

The only hiccup last night was we were missing some bolts from our crate while packing it up, but nothing a quick run to Home Depot at 9pm couldn’t solve.
Oh, and that whole Fed-Ex problem we may or may not be involved in - not sure.
Never a dull moment even when you plan ahead a lot!

overall I say 2, there are some minor details to iron out, but nothing that was important enough for us to rush ourselves at the end of the season.

5…except without clown costumes. In fairness, the guy came an hour and a half too early. So were eating, and some yells “THE FEDEX GUY IS HERE” and where all like “Oh crap!!!”. So we basically ran around for 20 minutes prepping the robot, getting it into the crate and getting it into the truck. But, we got it shipped, it works fine…not too bad for rookies :slight_smile:

2 for what we thought worked
3 for completely converting the bot to a dumper bot with one trailer full of storage in 6 hours on thursday
4 for getting programming, now have fully functional swerve -crab- other rotating wheelythingy drive base
3 for ship. Went smoothly.