Cutting Noryl?

I have been looking at making certain parts of our intake this year out of noryl, after having some good experiences with delrin in the past. Last year we cut 1/4 in delrin on our laser, and I was wondering if the same was possible with noryl and if anyone had any experience with it; I guess the other option is to stick it on the cnc mill but I would rather avoid that.

What are you looking to do that Noryl helps you achieve but delrin or ABS don’t?

I’ve never heard of anyone using Noryl in FRC. I don’t think you’re going to get any feedback about laser vs milling.

I was attracted to it based on its higher impact strength compared to delrin and its similiar tensile strength. I was worried delrin would be more succeptiple to snapping if we drove our robot into a wall.

I would recommend against this.

Definitely. I just think it will happen at some point and dont want the robot to break when it happens.