cutting pieces of objects in 3ds max

um… I’m sort of new at this robotics thing and was wondering how to cut holes and pieces from objects in 3ds max. Please help! :confused:

There are a few different ways – I’ll just list a couple.

  1. Convert your object to an editable poly (or you can use the edit poly modifier in max 7). Then repeatedly cut from edge to edge around the hole you want to make. This is probably the hardest method, but it is the most reliable. Be extra careful if you’re planning to meshsmooth.
  2. Depending on the location of the hole, you might be able to use a slice modifier.
  3. If you’re getting desperate, go ahead an use a subtractive boolean, but I wouldn’t recommend it.

ok… but now i cant figure out how to convert it into an “editable poly” :o … so how do I?

You can right click on it, and go to “convert”.

However, i would look into using the compound object system: boolean objects.

Basically, you make two objects. One of them is the part, the second is the area that you want removed from the part. Use the help file and tutorials to learn more about them. It’s a great beginner’s technique.

IM me if you need help.


Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

uuummm… exactly how do i close this thread??? :o