CVS in mplab

I am now posting after a great tragedy occurred in our programming team. Our camera code was hacked beyond repair :eek: and we did have it working, once. I was wondering i anyone knows how to use CVS version control or any other of the version controls in the menu in mplab???

If you never set up a CVS repository, MPLab (or any IDE for that matter) can’t really help you.

You are more than likely out-of-luck.

CVS requires that there is a backend server where one stores all the code, subversion, which is like CVS does just that.

You could probably grab TortoiseCVS and start a local repository on the local computer you do your work on, and then check all your work into that. I find it really practical to keep all my code versioned, so that once something changes, and it does not work, I can revert back to working code.

Good luck.