[cw: SI/SH, substance abuse, sexual harassment] - How I was Abused by 148, IFI, and Grant Cox

Amy, thank you so much for sharing! I can’t even begin to imagine how hard this was to write, and how much worse it must have been to experience it all. The amount of courage you showed in writing this is unfathomably immense.


I’m so proud of you for coming forward, and I’m so proud of you for surviving. I’m immensely disappointed about the way you were treated in all of these spaces. I can’t say anything to fix what you went through, but I want you to know that what they did to you is absolutely horrible and you deserved so much better than how you were treated.


I don’t have the words to describe the level of disgust that I feel towards those who treated you that way, but I do know this:

You are a badass. The amount of bravery and strength you have to share your story is so inspiring. I am so glad you made it through all that garbage to the other side and I am thankful that when you needed it most, you found people to support you. I hope you find peace in telling the story, have built up a support structure around you, and gotten opportunities to pursue the passions for art and design that you have.

Thank you Amy :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Thanks for sharing, Amy. I know it couldn’t have been easy to put pen to paper (or fingertips to keys) for something like this.


Thanks for speaking out Amy I hope you are doing well, and this is exactly what I was referring to several days ago. Glad you were brave enough to talk about your experiences. I think everyone who came from 148 all talks about how they had to literally reprogram themselves after the abuse and brainwashing we endured. Much of it starting with getting the hell out of greenville texas and staying out for good.


This is so saddening (as well as infuriating and frustrating) and I cannot fathom why people would treat others this way. Amy, thank you for sharing your story. I can only imagine the strength that you had to conjure to type out the words and hope that you can continue to heal and find peace and kindness.


Amy, thank you for sharing your story. I feel so bad that your experience with robotics was terrible. I’m glad that you’re finding the true you. I’m glad you were able to share this so others know that this type of behavior is not acceptable. We need to get these stories out in the light of day so we can stop the cycle of destruction that can build up.

I wish you all the best for your future. I’m glad to hear that you’ve found help and are building a new life for yourself.


A friend of mine that works at the REC Foundation (that wishes to not be named) reached out and requested that this message be shared on their behalf.


Really disappointed to hear that the toxic culture of IFI is also a part of RECF. Would very much like to hear what Dan Mantz (idk if he has an account to ping) has to say on this.


Thank you to you and your friend for being willing to share your experience and the update. It is absolutely appalling that even after the multiple stories corroborating “poor culture” (sounds diminutive compared to what you really experienced) at IFI, people who are associated with IFI are still dismissive and try to blame individuals brave enough to speak out about their experiences. This sort of behavior leads to fears of retaliation, discouraging other people to try to make things better internally or from the outside.


On behalf of the entire REC Foundation, I apologize for any insensitive comments made by any employee at the REC Foundation. We all need to be cognizant that these are real people who have experienced these difficult situations and we need to be respectful of how we discuss these issues. We will be addressing this as an entire organization on Monday.


Do us all a favor and go teach vex how to respond to a complaint, because this is the way a response should be created.


So, I’m going to take a slightly different read on this.

Dan heard of a comment here, created an account, and responded to something they (claim) to find problematic on a holiday within 2 hours.

Maybe I’m being too generous in my assumptions, but that says he at least recognized there’s an issue that needs to be addressed immediately. Dan probably isn’t the same person or persons mentioned in Amy’s post. His apologizing would be meaningless because they came into the situation, saw it was bad, and instead did take responsibility and articulated a step towards rectification. This is a far cry from the IFI deflection and claims of fake news.

I know it’s really easy to keep the rage going but in this case I would urge people to give Dan until, let’s say, Wednesday (Nov 30) to fact gather and formulate a plan. You have the potential makings of an ally that may be able to effect actual change in at least one of these organizations.

@dm_recf , please don’t make me regret sticking my neck out here, if those comments were made about Amy (and I don’t doubt they were) it is a problem. If they were made by HR representatives it is a major problem. It sounds like some of the more toxic stuff from IFI has percolated out to RECF too. I hope you take this very seriously.


Just want people to know I reached out to Dan by email and confirmed this is his real account. Given the craziness I imagine a lot of us are worried about impersonations, and over on the vex discord we have had a fake Dan Mantz.

I am impressed by his thanksgiving day response rate on this.


How many company-wide meetings will it take to make people take self-harm seriously? If this is a whole break room of people, it indicates more than just a little spillover from IFI, especially when HR reps are taking part in the festivities. Once again, I am at a loss to think of how a company could restore faith. Certainly it would be more than a “we talked with the people and everyone agrees not to do it again”.


An ownership change and large amounts of staff turnover? Unlikely, and almost indistinguishable from the company folding and its assets being absorbed by other entities.

I dunno, this whole situation is rotten and the fix is not going to be quick.


Not to excuse the behavior, but to explain it, as human beings, it’s super HARD to empathize with someone (unless you’ve gone through it urself). And corporate culture \ group think \ breakrroom, pile-on culture make it almost IMPOSSIBLE for any ignorant employee to seek to understand anyone who they perceive threaten company financials and thereby their own job security.

I second this…


I’m sorry, no. This isn’t an excuse, and it isn’t even an explanation. It should be a baseline expectation that anyone at the very least not contribute to this sort of behavior, and ideally stand up to it, regardless of what anyone else is doing. This is not okay, and any reasonable and empathetic person should be able to see it.


I think this is a flawed observation. It can be relatively hard, for someone with poorly developed empathy, to engage in it. To many though, there’s an internal baseline of empathy, and seeing a group fail to hit even the absolute minimum of that is even more of an indictment. There’s a further discussion on empathy to be had, and how it relates to social/gender/career expectations, but I think digressing further into philosophy or otherwise continuing in this thread is in poor taste.


I mean, can I better word what I said, I literally said I’m not excusing the behavior.

I just think when people get together in a group, the group can have a propensity to be utterly stupid and toxic.