Cyber Blue 234 Preview Video

Here is a Cyber Blue 234 preview…it is in Real Player format. Cyber Blue 234 Preview

Your robot needs to put its clothes back on so the networks can pull that black box off it…they’re being extra careful since the superbowl…

Nice “preview”, it builds anticipation and makes you wonder even more. Thanks for the weight calculator this year. Its a lot of help. Keep up the good work.

Stay tuned to this thread. Every few days we’ll be posting another teaser, and a better one than this one. We realize this hardly shows anything, but in a few days, we’ll have another one uploaded. Stay tuned!

You guys are evil.

I’m going to get my scouts blowing up the picture in the lenses of the glasses of the man on the right. We might get a glimpse then. Just you wait.

lol thats mean, i was so excited to see a preview, but then i got to see a black box, heh i guess ill have to wait till the next update.

If you guys look at the lower left side of the box you can see a very important part of the robot. :stuck_out_tongue:

LOL, loved the preview and the comment.

another teaser of a teaser…this is probably the 3rd or 4th bait n’ switch ive seen on these forums…=)

Bad people! Bad! You tease, not preview Joseph! You shall PAY!!! :ahh: :yikes:

BTW, could you next time put it in Quicktime format and not Real. I despise Real Player.

we sincerely appologize for the “wardrobe malfunction” of our robot…we will run the next teaser on a five minute delay in hopes to correct these problems. we hope to have a comment from Falcon VI soon…it’s been a hard few months for her…what with what’s all going on with her brother and everything… :wink: